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Topic: Ordering & shipping concerns (7 messages)

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Ordering & shipping concerns (7 messages)
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I just ordered 18 chicks that are suppose to ship May 27th. After reading some horror stories, I am now worried my chicks won't arrive in time. I am in charlotte, NC. Has anyone ordered MM chicks from NC? I never thought about trying a hatchery closer. I was given a magazine from a friend and am new to chickens.

I am also having some problems ordering chicks because the red frizzle cochin bantam and the Salmon Faverolles never seem to be ready at the same time. Does anyone have either of these hens available in the NC area that I could buy?

There are Bantam Sultans (SUBS) listed in the catalogue but the site does not have them listed? Is this a printing mistake or are they not available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
4/28/2013 7:50 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
We ship to NC every week with no trouble. That week we will be delaying the hatch because of the holiday. Your chicks will ship on Monday and arrive between Tuesday and Thursday at the very latest. Most orders take about 2 days for shipping.
The Red Frizzle chicks have been very popular this year. They are sold out until at least July. The Black are available sooner if you would like those. We may be able to help you with the availability over the phone too.
There are some bantam breeds that we are no longer hatching. The Sultan bantams are one of them. It was a misprint in the catalog. They are shown there but we are not hatching them. We have the Standard size still available if you like the Sultans.
4/29/2013 9:09 AM report abuse
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MM thank you for your response.

The problem that I am having with the Red Frizzle is that the Salmon Fav. are only available on July 8th so that is when I am putting my bantam order in but the Red Frizzle only has an available date close to that on July 15th. All the other bantams I want are also available on July 8th. I do not have the room to order another 15 bantams on July 15th.
4/29/2013 10:09 AM report abuse
Score: 18

How it happened;
My order was supposed to be shipped on May 27th. I went to the post office on the Friday prior to let them know that I would be receiving live baby chicks. The USPS woman was very nice and tapped my name and number in the area where the chicks would be sorted. I received a confirmation from MM that my chicks were shipped May 27th to NC. I was very surprised when I got a phone call from the USPS woman at 6am on May 28th notifying me that my chicks had arrived and I could come to pick them up right then before the post office even opened. I had prepared my SUV on Sunday so I was ready. The brooder was in the back with water and food. I drove the ten minutes to the USPS and when I opened the box all chicks were alive. I added the quick chick I ordered with my chicks into the water, then I immediately methodically proceeded to dip each chicks beak, check their bottoms, and place them in the brooder while still in the post office parking lot. As I was checking everyone, I noticed that my Sultan and Mottled Houdan were a little lethargic and my Salmon Faverrole had a gunky eye. I took the chicks home and brought the brooder in. My Sultan died within 48 hours. I did check bottoms every day! I also checked for sour crop and made sure each chick was eating and drinking. He seemed to get a little more energy then apparently died for no reason. Thursday May 30th I noticed that a few more chicks were acting a little lethargic. I went to the farm supply and purchased an antibiotic. My Mottled Houdan died shortly after(not within the 48 hour window). All the other chicks seem to be doing better now except my Salmon Faverrole and my buttercup. After the antibiotics, I did probiotics. My Salmon Faverrole still has a yucky eye. I did the warm wash cloth and ointment but am still waiting to see what happens. My Buttercup was fine when she first arrived but started falling off balance and sitting back on her hocks. I removed her(thinking she might have injured or pulled something) and the Salmon Faverrole. They are in a separate area. The brooder floor has pine shavings. I placed paper towels over the shavings thinking maybe the buttercup got a cut. I checked her leg but there seems to be no visible injury or break. I did vaccinate all my chicks for Marek's and they are on a medicated starter feed for coccidiosis. Any ideas what might be wrong with the buttercup?

What MM did well:
Notified me when chicks were shipped.
Postponed the Ship date till Monday which allowed chicks to get to me in a very timely manner.
Refunded the money for the Sultan

What could be done better:
Ship smaller amounts of chicks(even if that means charging a little more). I am very disappointed that 2 of my rare breeds died. I do not have the room to order another 15 chicks.
Expand your refund window to 72 hours. If you say that the chicks have 3-4 days to arrive, then I think it is fair to have a refund window of 72 hours.
6/7/2013 8:27 PM report abuse
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We had an order of chicks that were to be delivered the first week of February. Chicks shipped out on the 31st of January but sadly it has been 3 and a half days and we just found out that they won't get here until tomorrow. Somehow the USPS drove straight past our area in North Alabama on route to Atlanta 3 and a half hours away where they were shipped out from last night and won't get here until morning.
Called McMurray and let the know what was going on. All I told Erin who answered the phone was my name and date of shipment and the situation. This took maybe four minutes and before we got off the phone she had already set up a reship date for the very next week.
USPS really let us down and worse those babies had to suffer but McMurray has had the best customer service I know of and I worked for IBM/Apple and we boasted about having the best customer service. I'm a little let down but McMurray took care of us and I definitely will order again
2/3/2015 10:33 AM report abuse
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Shipping directly to persons home should be available with possible overnight or next day.postal system sucks badly down south Walter can't really be mad at the hatcheriesbut you never know what these birds go through 2 days my tracking number says it in route to me 2 days I've sat at post office 2 hours being late for work to find out they didn't come I've been in the bird and trucking business most of my life now im worried sick.its in day 3 now
Post edited by BILLY8 9/27/2017 8:31 AM
9/27/2017 8:21 AM report abuse
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After spending more than $400 on pullets from MM, I will not order from this company again. I am waiting on the last hen to be shipped and called today to ask why I haven't received an email. My account says the order has been shipped. I was told that the supplier does not have the capability to send an email for this order. My previous orders all did so. I do not know when this order will arrive and our post office in not reliable in calling me when the birds arrive. This is not good customer service and I do not appreciate the lack of notification. MM, you have lost a customer for good.
10/17/2017 3:01 PM report abuse