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Topic: worm casings...? (3 messages)

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worm casings...? (3 messages)
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anyone you worms casings? I am thinking of mixing them 1/2 casing with 1/2 soil -- is that a good mixture?
5/5/2013 1:35 PM report abuse
Score: 5
That's a lot of casting but you cant hurt anything at that rate.
My garden is just over 2000 sq. ft. and I added 500 lbs. of rabbit droppings 2 years ago then last year I added 1000 lbs. of worm casting.
It sounds like overkill but I bought all the owner of a worm farm had for 25 cents per lb. because they were going out of business. The big bonus was that the casting were full of worms so now id have real rich dark loose dirt.
Don't use any insecticides or weed killers of the worms and microbes are toast.
As for fertilizer--I use FISH EMULSION.
Once before planting , once 1/2 way through season and one more time late summer.
Your 50/50 rate casting is a little much but it defiantly wont hurt a thing since you can grow your veggie's in 100% castings.
4/17/2014 9:58 AM report abuse
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11/12/2019 7:07 AM report abuse