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Topic: Do Guineas eat any plants, etc... (3 messages)

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Do Guineas eat any plants, etc... (3 messages)
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Score: 1
I read that guineas only eat bugs, but someone told me that is not true. Is it true that guineas will leave things like tomatoes and other veggies in the garden alone?
5/31/2013 3:53 PM report abuse
Score: 170
I know they don't eat only bugs - cause my aunt had them in MT and in the winter there are no bugs to eat ... I know she had them with her chickens and would feed them the same feed - however she never had a garden, so I am not sure what they would have done to it
6/2/2013 4:26 PM report abuse
Score: 23
My guineas do not mess with my garden plants but they are on constant patrol in it looking for bugs. I have many of them for snake control. They do not destroy my garden. Also I've never had a snake in my coops.
6/17/2014 3:58 PM report abuse