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Topic: Bedtime (2 messages)

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Bedtime (2 messages)
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I have 30, 4 month old chickens in a 12'x12' coop with an automatic door that closes at 9:15 pm. Every night the same 5 chickens are still outside after the door closes and we have to open the main door and herd them inside. Is there any way to "train" a chicken when it's bedtime?? I am at the exsasperated point of leaving one outside all night so the rest can see what happens to those who stay outside - fox-coyotes-coons-neighbors dog-etc. :)
6/29/2013 8:55 AM report abuse
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Hi Randye,

I had a similar problem because I had red lights in the coop (to prevent pecking). There were always a few stragglers that would not go into the coop.

I changed the light right by the entrance (inside the coop) to white and that solved the problem immediately.

My point is, is the interior (inside your coop) of the entrance to the coop well lighted with white light?

NOTE: I leave the exterior security light off so their range area (outside) is dark until all the girls are in which occurs right after dusk.

Good Luck - Kevin
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