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Topic: baby chicks (3 messages)

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baby chicks (3 messages)
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Score: 7
Im from Malvern, AR i ordered 17 chicks, rarest of the rare group. They are now one month old however I'm down to 12. Is this a good survival rate?
7/4/2013 12:39 PM report abuse
Score: 1
this is a decent rate id say out of 30 i have raised in the last 3-4 years i have only lost about 8 and 4 died of hawk attack poor things just a day old when the red hawk got them after the moms carried them away from the brood the other 4 were some of the strongest chickens i have owned cross between a game bird and buff orpington when i found the others they were cacing the mom on their second day of life about 60 degrees that morning they did get brooded the rest of the way to maturity to protect them from hawk attack
8/9/2013 9:20 PM report abuse
Score: 1
taylorsville, NC
I have recently just ordered Top hat (Polish) baby chicks (June 8 2015). I had ordered a run of 15. They all arrived safe and alive but started to dying off one-by-one. As of now (June 24, 2015) I only have 4 and have a feeling another one is going to die. I don't know what I am doing wrong??? I have successfully raised 11 chickens with no problem. I have a lot of land and always wanted to have these types of chickens. I stayed up watching them for 2 days straight with no sleep, then slept then stayed up another two days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I am so depressed about this and heart broken. Any suggestions????
6/24/2015 10:16 PM report abuse