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Topic: chick survival rate (14 messages)

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chick survival rate (14 messages)
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Score: 7
I live in Malvern, AR i ordered 17 rarest of the rare chicks. They are now one month old however only 12 have survived. Is this a good survival rate?
I'm new at raising chicks, any comments are welcome! thanks!
7/4/2013 12:59 PM report abuse
Score: 161
how many died at arrival or within the first few days? most loss is right away --- if you are just now loosing them - then something is wrong- are they able to get to their water easily? are you finding them dead? (are there signs of critters getting to them?) the rarest of rare may be a little harder to raise - I am not sure of that -
7/4/2013 2:05 PM report abuse
Score: 7
they all arrived alive! three died the first night, the fourth died about a week later. The fifth one died 2 days ago. They have plenty of water (two 1 gallon chick waters, mixed with a chick starter) and one 22 holed chick feeder (water and feed changed every day) The 12 chicks that are left seem to be really healthy, growing getting bigger no feather loss.
7/6/2013 1:19 AM report abuse
Score: 161
well - probably still all normal loss - some just don't do well with the shipping/heat --- MMH has a policy within the first 48 hours they would have taken care of the loss (it might be too late now to call them on it -- but you might try and just explain you are new at this) I ordered a batch of turkeys once - they were a day late getting to me - and the all dies within just a day or two -- most times it doesn't happen that way --- but sometimes shipping is just too stressful (too long - too hot... too cold etc)
7/6/2013 7:23 AM report abuse
Score: 7
Thank you so much! I have been more then happy with MMH chicks, Im not worried about being refunded for the lost ones. this hatchery is awesome!!!!
7/7/2013 12:23 AM report abuse
Score: 8
Not sure if u are still checking the topic Robert21, but the Chik start is a wonderful thing to help new chicks, I lose nada if i use this. Also always check if temp is right in brooder. Sometimes shipping stress can result in pasty butt in the first few days. There are online videos on how to deal with that one.So happy the others are doing fine.
9/8/2013 4:46 AM report abuse
Score: 1
I am in Jacksonville, FL
We got a call from the Post Office last Wednesday. ALL 32 chicks were dead. Not one survivor- well one lived 2 hours after we got the box. We called, CS was apologetic and immediately re-ordered everything to send out for the 9th hatching date.We are hoping for the best.
Interestedly there were 2 deliveries to Jax that morning- both shipments arrived with all dead chicks, hum.Not sure what happened- poor things.
Has anyone else ever had this happen and if so did the 2nd shipment arrive alive?
9/9/2013 10:22 AM report abuse
Score: 5
I just opened my order of 27 chicks yesterday. Everyone of them was dead and stiff with rigor mortis and glazed eyes. Mcmurray refused to send overnight which was the post office advice so i took my refund and am running away, i do not want to be responsible for another box of death from these people.
1/30/2014 8:09 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Mike7 - Again, you have experienced a very rare instance in our scope of service. While we certainly appreciate your local post office's advice, they simply are not privileged to the scope of our business and the requirements we operate within from the United States Postal Service. If you have not already, please contact our customer service (800) 456-3280 as we offer a live arrival guarantee on all our birds. Also, the chicks are to arrive within 3 days from shipping so delivery by Tuesday at the latest. We are looking into why there was a delay during transit.
1/30/2014 10:58 AM report abuse
Score: 5
also a different hatchery told me they pay attention to the weather and if it will be to cold for the birds alone they add heat pads, mcmurray did not add heat pads during some of the coldest weather in thirty years in VA.
1/30/2014 4:32 PM report abuse
Score: 2
Mine arrived today only lost 3 out of 28 and they are all over the brooder
2/24/2014 1:01 PM report abuse
Score: 16
I received mine last week. All 27 were alive and are doing very well!
2/24/2014 2:33 PM report abuse
Score: 3
My chicks arrived yesterday, right on time. All are healthy and happy! Thank you!
2/25/2014 9:20 AM report abuse
Score: 1
I ordered 25 chicks, which were hatched on the 28th, sent on the 29th and arrived on the 31st. By the time I got them, it had been a cold weekend in upstate NY. These poor things had not drank any water for all of that time. Could you go without water that long? 12 were dead (almost rotting), I managed to save two, one of which expired this afternoon. It was a hard lesson to see this and realize that it is cruel. I will not order like this again, but rather buy local. McMurray has been supportive, but remember, they are in business. I blame myself. Won't be doing this again! It was very sad to see little dead chicks not able to get a good start in life. Horrible!
Post edited by MARLENEH 4/2/2014 9:40 PM
4/2/2014 9:37 PM report abuse