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Topic: spraying eggs just before (2 messages)

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spraying eggs just before (2 messages)
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they hatch with a small spray bottle ? I have been having trouble this year with my hatching. At first I thought it was the incubator, but now I don't think so as I hatched a bunch of partridge and got an 85% hatch. Then I thought maybe since my laying hens are so young, but I broke open a few eggs that didn't hatch and they had babies in em. I was telling another guy about it and he said just before they start hatching he spray"s them down real good with water, makes it easier for them to get out of the egg. Anybody ever heard of this ? I guess its worth a try as I'm losing a lot of chicks. I"ve been hatching stuff for 15 years with this GQF 1202, once I got it set right I havnt had to touch it since. I check the temp and keep the water tray filled, I just cant figure, gotta be the eggs. Any thoughts, thanks, Roost
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