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Topic: Diatomaceous Earth bath (4 messages)

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Diatomaceous Earth bath (4 messages)
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Can I take a small tub, or very small baby pool, and fill it with d. earth for the hens to have a "bath". Would it need to be pure D earth or could it be D., Earth with something else, like screened sand or vermiculite? Could I leave it outside? How about in freezing Michigan winter?
7/24/2013 10:41 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Yes, you can put it in a small container, or in areas where the birds dust themselves. Some customers have found that a plastic cat litter box works well. You can mix it with sand or dirt. It is a very fine powder so you can spread it all over your coop and in nest boxes too. I wouldn't suggest leaving it outside because if it gets wet the powder will clup and not be effecient. Freezing weather will not effect this product.
7/25/2013 11:35 AM report abuse
Score: 1
Can you use this with week or two old chicks as well?
9/21/2013 1:21 PM report abuse
Score: 5
Works like a charm. I add ashes from the fireplace, play sand and DE. I feed them DE monthly and dust the cooo and nests also.
1/2/2014 3:08 PM report abuse
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