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Topic: Chiggers in run (3 messages)

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Chiggers in run (3 messages)
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So, just got my fence up and turned our 5 week old chickens loose. The area I put them was near an old fence row. (Chose the location based on shade from a tree) Anyway while cleaning out the brush I got ate up by chiggers. I thought well chiggers eat bugs so they will eat them too! Then after I had them in there I realized if I can't see them neither can they.

So, I decided to sprinkle diatomaceous earth (food grade) onto the run and in the coop. I'm still concerned about them getting attacked as well. I am putting a old feed pan out tomorrow with sand in it mixed with a little diatomaceous earth. Any other ideas on how to get the pen somewhat pest free without loading it up with chemicals? Thanks in advance.
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McMurray Hatchery
The DE is your best option for using chemical free. You can spread it around the entire area. We have a spray that may work too. It is made from all natural enzymes used for mites, fleas, lice, and other insects. This would work well for spraying the brush line.
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I added a sand bath. They have yet to use it? Not sure why?
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