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Topic: Hens are not laying like they should (5 messages)

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Hens are not laying like they should (5 messages)
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I have around 40 hens that should be laying but I'm only getting 6 to 9 eggs a day they have laying mash at all times plenty of water and plenty of room to roam what am I doing wrong?
8/14/2013 11:17 PM report abuse
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Do they have enough light? Once the days start getting shorter, summer solstice, you might want to consider adding artificial light to keep them from noticing the days are getting shorter. We use a 100 watt bulb. It helps, but it is difficult to maintain the springtime egg laying rate (e.g., 1 egg every 26 hours) throughout the year.
8/22/2013 12:46 PM report abuse
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Do you possibly have a snake issue?
7/9/2016 1:35 PM report abuse
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I also have this problem. I have 20 laying hens and was averaging 12 to 13 eggs a day. The last month I have been averaging 6 a day. Have a light inside coop to provide light for 15 hrs a day. They always have access to clean water and layer pellet and free range. No snakes. don't see them scratching and they have a great appetite. What am I doing wrong or am I not doing. HELP
10/11/2016 8:02 PM report abuse

Score: 51
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
David, this is the time of the year when chickens typically molt. It takes a lot of energy to grow new feathers so they will stop laying. I am having that issue right now. My 6 hens are giving me 1 egg a day.

First year pullets don't always molt during their first winter. So I'm going to be getting a few pullets from a friend so we have more eggs for the next couple months.
11/18/2016 9:42 AM report abuse