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Topic: Parasites (3 messages)

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Parasites (3 messages)
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I hope someone can help me! I have about 60 fowl, 28 of them new from Murray's, 16 guinea fowl and 16 older Rhode Island reds. I started noticing bald spots on the backers and necks of the reds and just assumed it was from the rooster. Four of the guineas are older ones and the little ones are some that I hatched. The little ones squawked all day, and I mean all day! Nothing I did would quiet them. Then I noticed some of the older hens feet were weird looking so that night I looked it up on line and realized they must have scaly leg mites. On closer inspection I noticed they were all dust bathing all the time and picking at themselves. In our batch of new chickens we noticed one was not acting right so I took her out for awhile. She had this funny crusty stuff on her back near her tail feathers. While searching on line I realized it must have been lice or mites so we dipped them in a permethrin dip and I cleaned out both coops and sprayed it down with permethrin. That chicken died shortly after being dipped. So since the beginning of July I have been dipping, dusting and spraying chickens! The first time I sprayed the coop I noticed some grey bugs resembling crabs scurry out of the cracks at the front of the coop which I assume to be some type of mite. I realized after that one of the coops had insulation in them so I had to tear it all out and start over. I have called a vet and my county extension for advice and nothing seems to be working and I have no idea what they have as I have not seen any bugs or eggs on any of them, just millions of feathers in their runs and coops. Both the vet and extension people said to clean out coops and disinfect, then put a 1/2 inch layer of lime down with shavings on top. I was supposed to add sevin but I think I bought all Walmart had and I don't have any more. I made bath tubs for both coops which consist of a 50/50 mix of wood ash and lime and about two cans of sevin dust. We pressure washed the coops three times each, once with dawn dish soap, then re sprayed with sevin. We have rubbed DE, lime, wood ash, poultry dust, and sevin dust into these chickens, each week using something different. Today was my second treatment of ivermectin on each chicken. Today I poured about 1 ml on each chicken. The feathers are all breaking off and coming out of the chicken. One guinea hen has what looks like the under feathers, its downy, sticking out on her back near where her tail feathers start. There is no vet in this area that will see a chicken so inmate my wits end as to how to cure or get rid of whatever it is they have. Does anyone out there have any idea what I'm battling and how to get rid of it? I don't want to have to get rid of all these chickens. Thanks for reading, sorry its so long!
8/22/2013 7:57 PM report abuse
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use 7 spray in the coop and lot repeat in 7 days.also use 7 dust on the not dip the birds.
6/26/2014 2:37 PM report abuse
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The frontline flea and tick spray is what I have heard that they show breeders use, I am not sure how much to spray but I know it works. One lady was talking about having three kinds of mites her birds were infested and she sprayed them all with the Frontline flea and tick spray, it is the one that you spray I think one squirt per pound,
You might research and find a dosage, good luck!
3/30/2015 1:51 AM report abuse