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Topic: Chicken illness? (2 messages)

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Chicken illness? (2 messages)
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We have about 30 chickens that free range during the day and go in at night.. I noticed a few months ago that one of our older barred rocks didnt look so great-her feathers are missing in some spots and I think her poop is watery. I thought this was a red flag. My 8 year old daughter loves all the chickens (we have 2 new flocks from MMcM and handles them daily. A couple months ago my daughter started coughing a lot. Well took her in to doctor about a month ago and she had pneumonia in right lung-I told doctor my concern it may be from handling our chickens. He said lets just treat it 1st and we will see. Well she seemed to get better after 2nd medication, but about a week later she started coughing again-took her in and yep pneumonia again! So we are waiting on blood work I believe to see if it is from chickens. Most of the flock looks healthy. What do I do? Can I medicate everyone? The doctor has told me she has to stay out of coop and not handle chickens until we can resolve this and I knoiw this is going to mean I have to put a padlock on the door when she is home:( because she Loves her little black silky, "Lilly".
PLEASE I need all the advice I can get to make sure I can get everyone healthy.
Egg production is also way down-didn't know if this meant anything?
Thank you,
Laura from OHIO
9/16/2013 10:00 AM report abuse
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Was just scanning through the messages and wondered if your daughter got better and if they attributed her pneumonia to the chickens I have never heard of anyone getting sick from chickens except for the rare diseases and the chickens drop off their egg production generally when it is cold...did you ever find out what was wrong?? just curious to know might be something I have to watch out for but I'm in Texas..God bless
7/24/2014 12:42 PM report abuse