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Topic: Not laying (9 messages)

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Not laying (9 messages)
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I have some Red Stars I got from you all on the first week of Feb. I was getting around 7 eggs per day in late July early Aug. Now I am not getting any. Have only gotten 10 eggs since Aug. 22 I don't know what's going on. I have around 30 birds 19 are Red Stars. Others are assorted breeds. None are laying
9/18/2013 7:16 PM report abuse
Score: 49
Extreme Western Oregon
It could be several things.
1) They all could be molting, which often interrupts egg laying.
2) A predator has found a new source of protein (Your eggs)
3) Something environmental has totally disrupted their routine, such as predators constantly attempting to break in, or dietary changes.

For my money, look very hard at predators. To test that, place an egg out there in the nesting boxes and see if it disappears.
9/20/2013 4:35 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I purchased 4 pulletts at the end of July and they have not latex any eggs. This has never happened before. Suggestions?
10/8/2017 7:52 PM report abuse

Score: 51
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
Red Stars are great egg layers. Besides something getting in your coop and eating the eggs, the only other thing I can think about is diet. What are you feeding? If you are giving the chickens treats, the treats should make up no more than 10% of their diet. Scratch and corn are okay for treats, but they don't contain all the nutrition needed for egg laying. My girls took a break this winter from laying. Soon I'll be getting them some good quality high protein feed like I did last year. Before the bag was gone they had all started to lay again.
1/31/2018 12:22 PM report abuse
Score: 2
I just bought 30 Bovine reds, 14 months old, had almost 2 weeks and am getting maybe 3 eggs a day. Was wondering if the stress of transport in an open cattle trailer for almost 300 miles is the cause of the long wait? also when they arrived several were missing neck and wing feathers? Hoping someone can tell me how long usually does it take for order to be reestablished and start producing?
9/6/2018 9:10 PM report abuse
Score: 0
If Rats were getting In and eating the eggs wouldnt their be remnants or evidence left? I have not seen anything. And I know They have gotten in despite my efforts to block them. My two girls quit layin last summer.
1/14/2019 3:09 PM report abuse
Score: 49
Extreme Western Oregon
The chickens themselves will sometimes clean up all the traces of shell. They will even start eating their eggs if stressed, and its difficult (But not impossible) to stop once started.
1/15/2019 11:37 AM report abuse
Score: 2
So many possibilities! But most times stress, diet or disease, if it is not predation or normal molting going on. Careful observation of the coop, proper diet supplying trace elements, minerals, plentiful protein and fats must be provided all year! Pest (rodents,mites and insects especially)control must be practiced. Providing enough coop, roost and feed/water space, all must be practiced! No crowding! Keep it clean enough to control odor and dry enough to prevent molds and don't forget to provide decent ventilation! Good luck!
10/1/2020 12:14 PM report abuse
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I received my chicks on Sept. 14, 2020. It has been 24 weeks+ and no eggs. Feed is layer grain and they have fresh water daily. I have been giving them leftover bread and scrapes about 3-4 times a week. Will cut back on this per: forum advice. Would cold temps (0-37F) be part of problem?
Orphingtons and New Hampshire Reds. Thank you
2/8/2021 9:04 AM report abuse