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Topic: Aqua Miser (4 messages)

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Aqua Miser (4 messages)
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Hello All,
Enclosed is an email I sent to Anna Hess a couple of weeks ago but have not as yet received a reply. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you,
Good Morning Anna,

I purchased a set of your EZ miser waterer's last spring. I installed them in a set of 5 gallon buckets with a pipe heating tape in-between them to cope with our Michigan winters. It works perfectly. Unfortunately, the chickens will not use it :(( Do you have any suggestions short of reading them the directions out loud :)

We started our 31 chickens out with the standard gravity waterer. When we moved them into the coop with enclosed pen we put one gravity waterer in the pen and one inside the coop along with the hanging EZ miser waterer as they are shut in every night. After two weeks we removed the gravity waterer from inside the coop leaving the EZ miser as the only source of water from 8pm until 7am each day. When they come out of the coop in the morning there is a big rush for the outside gravity waterer as they are clearly not drinking from the EZ miser. We used a stick to mark the water level in the aqua miser and it has not changed in over a month.

I was just about ready to post this question on the Murry McMurry forum when I got your email and decided to give you first chance. We need to solve this problem soon as winter is approaching.

Thank you very much for your time,
9/19/2013 5:28 PM report abuse
Score: 4
Update: I removed the EZ mizer from the coop for 2 weeks and then reinstalled it as the only waterer in the coop. They pay absolutely no attention to it. They are very thirsty when they come out of the coop in the morning. I see on-line video's of chickens actually drinking from this device but from my experience it is absolutely worthless ?????
10/9/2013 7:26 AM report abuse
Score: 9
When they are thirsty show them how the water comes out by tapping it. Once a few get the idea the others follow suit.
12/13/2014 9:11 PM report abuse

Score: 51
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
I know this is an old topic but decided to write so as not to discourage others who are thinking of using nipple waterers.

I use them. The chickens will only learn to use them if they are the only source or water available. If they can wait and drink in an open font, they'll wait. However, I have had 2 batches of chickens that used the nipples. First batch I just put the new waterer in and within 2 hours they were using it. Second time I brought 3 month old pullets home and put them in the coop late at night. When I peeked in at 6 am they were all getting drinks.

I don't think my chickens are smarter than other chickens. I just assumed they would use the waterers and they did. It seems that too many people assume their chickens won't use the nipples so they supply water in an alternate container.

So trust your chickens. They are smarter than you think. They'll figure out the nipples because they are curious. As soon as one gets a drink, they all learn to get drinks.
11/22/2016 9:24 AM report abuse