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Topic: ezplucker (3 messages)

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ezplucker (3 messages)
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Score: 0
Has anyone used the mmcm ezplucker? Any info would help
11/1/2013 12:43 PM report abuse
Score: 94
We've got an EZ Plucker, I can't remember the number, but it is one of the bigger ones. It's designed for 3 chickens or a large turkey. The EZ plucker works great and I only wish we had gotten one sooner. Throw in 3 chickens and in 20 seconds all three are clean.

One thing, make certain they are scalded long enough and in hot enough water. Follow the directions exactly, and if the feathers aren't coming off, scald longer and also spray water inside plucker as it's being used.
1/21/2014 1:07 PM report abuse
Score: 9
I have the smallest EZ plucker I think it is the Star Pluck. Works great for two chickens or ducks.
12/13/2014 9:09 PM report abuse