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You are Here: Home -> Forums -> Health/Care -> 3 Month old Keets and chicks dying overnight!

Topic: 3 Month old Keets and chicks dying overnight! (2 messages)

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3 Month old Keets and chicks dying overnight! (2 messages)
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I raised all the keets and chicks from eggs, after fully feathered, I moved them to an outdoor coop, we had one died, thougth it was the cold, so put out a heat lamp, kept having one die almost daily, they would get kind of lethargic and then be dead the next day, my husband moved the baby chicks out with the keets and after about a week, we started losing them too, completely cleaned the coop, put fresh sand down, its still happening, all the keets are gone now and I am down to 2 chicks, any suggestions as to what could be the problem? We are building a new coop on a different part of the yard to rule out environment, I'm just worreid it will spread to my adult chickens, no change in them or egg production so far.
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Are they getting a draft and getting cold? Is the water getting to cold? Fresh feed? try new feed maybe bad feed? Mice in the feed or coop? Or did you always have them on sand? or just outside? I could go on and on without seeing them.
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