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Topic: Duck Pond Idea (2 messages)

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Duck Pond Idea (2 messages)
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I've had ducks in the past, who free ranged. If I ever have ducks that I have to keep penned, this is my idea for a good duck pen.

Have a wooden platform, on a slight slant, two feet off the ground, made to hold a childs platic pool with a plug very near the bottom which allows for bucket filling or hose attachment.
Make it so there is no deck space, so the ducks cant soil the deck. Have two easy ramps with cross nailed anti slip slats. The whole duck yard is graveled with smooth small rock.

To provide the ducks with nutritious greenery to eat, use 1x10s to make long frames for planting grasses or grains inside of, cover the top with chicken wire so the vegetation can grow through but the ducks can't access the soil. ( works great for penned up chickens too, they can't scratch the roots.)

So that's my plan for any future duck enclosures. Some of you may have already thought of this, but some of the best ideas come from experience. quack !
1/15/2014 10:55 AM report abuse
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Cool idea next time I get ducks I will try that
1/1/2015 7:01 PM report abuse