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Topic: Hens setting on nest to hatch the eggs (2 messages)

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Hens setting on nest to hatch the eggs (2 messages)
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I began the hobby of raising chickens. Been into it for about 7 months. I started out buying hens and roosters and the hens produce vg large brown eggs. In my collection of chickens i have Barred Rock, Rhode Island reds,New Hampshire Reds,Austaloff,Buff Silkies and Dominic . My question is there a certain time they will set their eggs? How often will they set a nest? I don't know or recognize when i should leave the eggs in the nest .any suggestions ? Thanks for your help on this
3/5/2014 12:25 AM report abuse
Score: 5
When a chicken growls at you and won't leave the nest even with no eggs on it, then she is definitely committed to setting. Then you can isolate her and choose the eggs she sets. If she is with other hens, laying eggs in the nest at various times, all the eggs won't be ready to hatch at the same time, and she may leave the nest and tend only to the first few that hatch. Also you run the risk of a mess in the nest from an unfertilized egg going bad and exploding and leaving a gross, stinky mess.
6/12/2014 10:25 AM report abuse