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Topic: Polish Chicks (4 messages)

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Polish Chicks (4 messages)
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I recently received my order of 15 chicks. This order consisted of 7 Black Stars, 5 Polish and 3 White Leghorns. The Polish were weak upon arrival and not as healthy looking as the others. After one day one of the Polish died.The following day another developed "Wry neck" , I treated it with vitamins but it conditioned worsened and it also died. A third Polish has severe "scissor beak" and it is very small, I just hope it can eat enough food to sustain itself. I am disappointed in the quality of these "Polish" chicks. I keep them separate and watch them closely for fear of more problems. It is very stressful for me to deal with these problems. I have about 60 chickens, they are my hobby and I take very good care of all of them. Have others had problems with this breed of chick??
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taylorsville, NC
I know how you feel. I have recently just ordered Top hat (Polish) baby chicks (June 8 2015). I had ordered a run of 15. They all arrived safe and alive but started to dying off one-by-one. As of now (June 24, 2015) I only have 4 and have a feeling another one is going to die. I don't know what I am doing wrong??? I have successfully raised 11 chickens with no problem. I have a lot of land and always wanted to have these types of chickens. I stayed up watching them for 2 days straight with no sleep, then slept then stayed up another two days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I am so depressed about this and heart broken. I believe some (5) may have had genetic "Wry Neck" I separated and gave them vitamin E supplement day after day nursing but all 5 still died. The others are a mystery. Any one with suggestions????
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taylorsville, NC
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