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Topic: Yet another question about medicated feed (3 messages)

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Yet another question about medicated feed (3 messages)
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Hi, I received my chicks yesterday they all are doing great, I had them vaccinated with both vaccines, But didn't know that I shouldn't use medicated feed, all the chick starter/grower feed I have found is medicated, What should I do? will using the medicated food harm them?? They have been eating the medicated food for a day now, and if I can find the non medicated tomorrow after work it will be 2 days, at that point should I change to the non medicated? or will the damage have already been done???

Also I used sav-a-chick probiotic and electrolyte in the sugar water, tomorrow when I stop the sugar water should I keep using the probiotic, and or the electrolyte?
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McMurray Hatchery
Feeding a medicated chick feed will nullify the vaccination. It will not harm the birds but they will no longer have the protection against coccidiosis. At this point just continue to use the medicated feed since they have already been eating it for a day.
The vitamin supplement is best for the chicks the first few days after arrival. But most people will use until the package is gone. They will still get benefits from the vitamins so it's good for them to stay on it a couple weeks if you have enough.
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Thanks for the prompt reply, and now that I know about the medicated feed, vaccination, issue I will make sure I do find non medicated food for the next batch we order.
again Thank you!!
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