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Topic: New chicks (11 messages)

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New chicks (11 messages)
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Score: 3
We got our 19chicks this morning June 4. Tonight I have lost seven so far. Is this normal to loose so many?
6/4/2014 9:01 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Dennis-No that is not typical to lose so many chicks. But they should have been to your PO by traveling another day may be why they are so stressed. Please contact our customer service so we can get this resolved.
6/5/2014 8:26 AM report abuse
Score: 10
How could anyone ever fault MM. They always do their best to please everyone! They are #1
6/5/2014 11:42 PM report abuse
Score: 3
I have contacted mm and they are sending me some more. It took
Three days instead of two to get het. Probably took to long. The other are doing great. Fun to watch. Thanks
6/6/2014 7:34 AM report abuse
Score: 1
I ordered 17 chicks and received 18 chicks on July 7. All of them were alive when they arrived and are still doing well today (a week later). I don't know if some breeds are tougher than others. I received 8 Black Langshans, 4 Red Stars, 3 Pearl White Leghorns, 1 Turken and 2 surprise chicks. I believe one is a black star and the other is a buff cochin. I am thrilled with my order. What breeds did you order DennisW?
7/14/2014 12:49 AM report abuse
Score: 2
We received 15 Speckled Sussex plus the free whatever bird on a Thursday, and lost 5 by Saturday. 2 of them drowned in the waterer. We moved the rest to an incubator after the first day and took the waterer away from them. We are just putting water in a large shallow lid and changing it often. Remaining 10 I think might make it, although 2 are "iffy". Not sure if this is normal for their Speckled Sussex chicks--don't know how these guys would have fared in a hen house situation. We had them set up with a hanging heat lamp, etc. and have not had this problem in the past. Usually we only lose a couple out of 15. This batch however has been a problem.
UPDATE--as of today, 5/23/16, we are down to 8. That means we have lost half. I cannot even say that all 8 will make it. We have been giving them special food for newly hatched baby birds because the baby chick crumbles did not seem to keep them alive. And we have put the water additive in religiously, and change the water several times a day. This batch just doesn't seem to want to live. Lot of money out to just end up with a couple birds. Would have been far cheaper to just go to the local farm supply and buy baby birds.
Post edited by DAVID140 5/23/2016 7:20 PM
5/21/2016 9:40 AM report abuse
Score: 0
My order of Rhode Island Reds arrived 3 days ago, all have done great with the exception of one, that one died the first night after receiving them ( and I think it was the "exotic chick" he was a lot smaller than the rest) They were shipped 9pm on the 24th and I received them the morning of the 26th, pleasant surprise seeing I live in a small rural town in VA. VERY pleased, they have all done fantastic so far!
5/28/2016 8:34 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I ordered 30 birds a while back and all are doing great. I had 4 die all the same breed. It may have been due to a lack of knowledge on that certain breed.they may have been a little more fragile then the rest. I put the remaining 26(5 different breeds) with my already ridiculously large flock and they are integrating well. Thank you MM you guys are great. Looking forward to doing more business with you.
5/29/2016 2:19 PM report abuse
Score: 0
As for losing chicks...aftet hatching (300+birds n ducks) this proved the first 3 days are key to survival. using a chick booster in there water (give them a choice of fresh as well) made the survival rate much higher. 3 days of this is fine. Absolutely do not let them get wet.putting marbles in there waterer works them medicated feed will null all vaccination if you had the hatchery already vaccinate them.add chick grit to there feed as directed on package.this helps keep the rear end feathers clean. This is also crucial to watch for as fecal build up around the tail will kill the chick quickly(24 to 36 hrs). Check daily.the chicks like room to get away from the light source. If the chicks huddle together in a ball they will crush each other to death. This could be due to having to many chicks in one brooder,poor heat or drafty conditions.hope this was helpful...
5/29/2016 2:43 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Post deleted by Wenstar 7/13/2016 8:33 PM 6/7/2016 8:50 PM report abuse
Score: 0
With a new batch of chicks they should have sugar water (tbs 16oz) and fresh water available. Dip there beaks in the sugar water to give them the boost they need.even after a few days they can still be to stressed to eat or drink. So keep an eye on them for a good 48 hours to make them at least drink. Now as for the RIRP make sure the grit is given like salt n pepper just some on the top. Also check there rear end feathers for fecal build up as this is devastating to any baby chick. If you find dried matter on there rear end DO NOT PULL IT OFF...this can cause serious damage to the chick. Rinse it with warm water and gently remove. Also try giving the remaining RIRP the sugar water or even some honey straight in there mouth followed by some fresh water...hope this helps
6/7/2016 9:05 PM report abuse