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Topic: Swollen Eye with pus (3 messages)

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Swollen Eye with pus (3 messages)
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I've a few chiks that were sick with some yellowish liquid or watery eye. I went to the agricultural center and recommended me Duramicyn-10. I separeted in a area all the ones that has the symptoms and almost all improved except three that who had eyes Swollen and with pus. We complete treatment and we dont know what to do with those ... I need help!
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McMurray Hatchery
That looks pretty bad! Most vets do not treat poultry but I would suggest to take one in and see if there is anything that can be done. There may be some type of eye ointment to use. We used to carry the Terramycin eye ointment but it is no longer available. So the vet could possibly have something similar.
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I went through this very same thing over the last month. I also used duramycin 10 five days on four days off and then another five day round. Everybody is back to normal. Hope you had the same ending results!!
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