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Topic: Senior Project Coop (2 messages)

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Senior Project Coop (2 messages)
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For my senior project I built a 8' x 4' chicken house with plenty of space on the inside for a flock of birds (not sure how many but they'd just be in there at night and during bad weather -- I have a large caged run and a door that will allow them into the pasture as well so they have plenty of roaming space.) It has 4 large nesting boxes.
We are currently working on finishing the run and making the feeders from PVC pipe.

We purchased 15 chicks from MMcM; 3 of them are going to a friend and the rest we're keeping. We also have 2 white Chinese silkie bantams and 2 Speckled Sussex hens. If it turns out that we don't have enough space for all of them in the coop we do have an extra horse stall that has been converted to a chicken "house" in the barn (6 extra large nesting boxes, no open run but it is a 12" x 12" stall.)

Do you have any suggestions on how the feeders be built? And any suggestions or comments on how to install poultry nipple drinkers will be greatly appreciated! As well as comments on how to improve the coop or some suggestions on changes I should make.
6/10/2014 12:05 PM report abuse
Score: 15
You are probably done by now, I would go to YouTube and get more ideas there that is what I do, there are all kinds of do it yourself help vids up !
3/12/2015 12:09 AM report abuse
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