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Topic: incubating - high elevations (3 messages)

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incubating - high elevations (3 messages)
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anyone live in a high elevation and have luck hatching eggs from an incubator? I have tried 3 times now --- first time 7 out of 42 hatched --- second and third time --- nothing :-( too dry? I had water - but I don't have a way to test the humidity... I never used to have problems when we lived in Alaska (much lower elevation) we are over 6000 feet here,,, any suggestions?
6/17/2014 10:37 AM report abuse
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Yes we live at 8900 ft. Just tried hatching 10 red star eggs and 6 rhode islands no luck. Got the new incubator and turner but no luck. I was thinking it was the humidity too. Don't know will try again.
3/29/2015 2:04 PM report abuse
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So, I know this is a very late response (I'm new to the forum), but I have some feedback on this also. I've had about a 1/3 success hatch rate at 6,500' elevation. However, I've had some broody hens in the past have 100% hatch rates. My guess is that humidity is the issue. The thinner air doesn't carry and hold the water as well. I think on my next attempt, I will combine my incubator with a ultrasonic humidifier. Best of luck to you all.
1/7/2020 3:53 PM report abuse