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Topic: help please (2 messages)

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help please (2 messages)
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I hear conflicting answers

I have a turner - I am opting to try by hand again this time (seems a better ratio in the past and from others I know)

how many times a day do I turn?
what temp do I keep it at?
what humidity level?

other suggestions?
6/19/2014 1:45 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
The automatic turners work best if available. When you hand turn them, your losing heat and humidity every time you open the lid. So if you decide you are going to hand turn, be sure you wash and dry your hands every time and get the lid back on quickly. You need to turn the eggs at least 3-5 times per day. The incubator should be 99 or 100 degrees. Humidity will depend on your incubator so follow the instructions on how much water to add.
6/23/2014 11:55 AM report abuse