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Topic: humidity - help (6 messages)

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humidity - help (6 messages)
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my incubator bottom is full off water - and still only at 40% humidity and 100 degrees -- what else can I do to get the humidity up?
6/20/2014 2:14 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
If there are troughs in the base of your incubator, go by what the directions say for filling them. Your hygrometer may be off. Each incubator is designed different so always go by the instructions for how much water to add.
6/23/2014 11:37 AM report abuse

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Retired Marine and Carpenter. Setting up to breed Dominiques on a limited basis. Developing, designing and building inexpensive but effective coop designs for backyard flock raising.
You might want to add a humidifier to the room to add to the ambient humidity outside of the incubator. I have the room mine is in up to around 67% right now and getting ready to lock it down for the last three days here. If the air outside the Incubator is dry that will suck off some of the humidity the incubator produces I am sure.
5/1/2015 4:01 PM report abuse

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add a wet sponge in a dish with water
5/3/2015 2:56 AM report abuse
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I'm experiencing the same issue with my brand new 9300. The unit has run for 18 hours (came with fan unit already installed and I have the egg turner unit as well) and so far the humidity level has not exceeded 42%. All 6 water drawers have been kept full, and unit is isolated in a closet so no drafts.

Temp varies 97.3-100.5 and the little chick pic is happy :)

What is the optimum humidity level for setting the hatch? If the hygrometer is not working properly how do I diagnose, repair, or work around that?

Thank you for any assistance.
Post edited by MICHELEA 6/4/2015 10:08 AM
6/4/2015 10:05 AM report abuse

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Hi, I would guess that you have a leak somewhere on your incubator because of the temp changing. To find leak turn incubator on and blow smoke around it to find draft leaking out. Smoke from incense works well. hope this helps. Scott
6/5/2015 8:23 AM report abuse