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Topic: Milk Kefir (1 messages)

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Milk Kefir (1 messages)
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We received an order of chicks from Murray McMurray's in the mail on the 16th. In the first three days, we lost three chicks, all the same breed. We had a few pasty butts but everyone has been fine for at least a week. We put them on chick starter, electrolytes and Murray's Best Immno Charge when we received them. In the last week or so I've given them milk kefir, two to three times. Tonight, my dd brought one of the chicks in asking me to listen to it. It sounds like it has Rice Krispies in it's tummy. The chicks seem fine. They are eating, drinking and running around. They just have snapping, crackling and popping coming from their tummy's. Any idea what's up?
6/28/2014 10:21 PM report abuse