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Topic: pet chickens (17 messages)

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pet chickens (17 messages)
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McMurray Hatchery
What breed chicken makes the best pet? I have small children and want something friendly.
5/11/2012 11:36 AM report abuse
Robert D Seals
Score: 20
Try Cochins.
5/22/2012 7:58 PM report abuse
Score: 4
Beecher, illinois
my grandkids like female Bantams. Here is Special. She is friendly and follows you around and does not mind being held.
5/31/2012 9:30 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Larger breeds tend to be more gentle. Although any breed that is around people more tend to adapt and become more tame. I would agree Cochins would be a good choice.
6/5/2012 3:45 PM report abuse
Score: 19
I have a cochin (named George!) and love him. he's really freindly ,but I admit he's rather shy around small children. I would reccomend sebrights as pets for little kids. I have two sebright hens that let everyone feed them out of thier hands, will ride on thier shoulders sleep in thier laps and generally adore everybody
6/21/2012 9:08 PM report abuse

Score: 50
Almost all of the Light Brahmas we've had have been really gentle. You might want some of them.
6/22/2012 11:40 AM report abuse
Score: 36
My favorite breed is the buff orphington.I have many breeds and they really stick out as the most affectionate. They are very calm and friendly.The hens (and even one of the roosters!)walk up to me and wait for me to pick them up. They sit calmly on my lap and let me pet them. One of the roosters will fly on my shoulder at night so I can put him up on his roost. They are standard size chickens and get quite large (7-10 lbs)but are particularly docile. The orphington roosters sometimes squabble amongst themselves over the hens ( as do every other breed) but they never fight and have never been aggressive toward people. I also think that easter eggers are nice for children because of the beautiful colored eggs and silkies are very sweet and friendly but are much smaller and probably not good for small children.
6/25/2012 9:01 PM report abuse
Score: 1
My daughter has Buff Brahma Bantams. She has 1 rooster and 5 hens. They are very gentle and she handles them everyday. She loves to show them off to her friends. They would be a great choice.
6/25/2012 9:18 PM report abuse

Score: 30
My daughter is 6 and this year our 'fit and show' chick (basically the chicken that is the calmest gentlest one out of the bunch each year) is an americauna. She (the chicken) is convinced she's a dog and will walk up and greet you whenever you go into the pen. Our Cochins are very friendly as well but not to the degree of the Americauna (that we've named (Meredith) Grey based on her color and "look at me personality)
6/26/2012 3:29 PM report abuse

Score: 50
White Wyandottes are the tamest chickens we have ever had. They come up to you, let you pick them up, and eat out of your hand.
7/5/2012 9:42 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Out of my 20+ breeds, I would have to say the Speckled Sussex is the most friendly. They are so outgoing.
11/16/2012 3:24 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I really enjoy my chickens.We have five Hens Americanas
and two roosters all blue to lavender .The one that is a stand out is a little pencil marked hen who has a black muff and beard. She follows me like a dog and will peck my pants until she has my attention.
12/12/2012 6:03 PM report abuse

Score: 24
I'm WI girl who's had chickens for 9 years and experienced a ton in that time!
My faverolles are timid but gentle. My Cochin bantam Queenie was a sweetie but my other Bracelet pecks my hand to this very day cause she doesn't want to be picked up. Chickens are individuals!! My favorite was my white leghorn bantam roo Boss. He was wonderful. He was also a show chicken so that may have made him such a "pick me up in your lap and I'll go to sleep" fellow.
1/3/2013 2:54 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I had a fine little Black Rose Comb hen that loved flying to me to be held and petted~ she would follow me where ever I went, even sneaking into the house. I can't imagine a more friendly and social Bantam!
4/14/2013 7:48 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I would have to say for big chickens it is Brama and buff orpp. for the small guys get them a Serama I have 3 of them in the house. they wear diapers made by Sky . When away they have lg cage
7/11/2013 3:38 PM report abuse
Score: 8
I decided to adopt some some Porcelain bantams and they are the sweetest and most gentle . I am curious about the idea i saw on here about diapers? Is that rather messy? Also any help about telling sex at around 6 weeks. I also have some partridge cochin bantams same age. Also one sweet unknown breed as of yet that Murray gifted us with .
9/8/2013 4:36 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I adore bantams cannot say enough about how gentle they are
4/15/2014 3:12 PM report abuse