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Topic: Sick Chickens (1 messages)

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Sick Chickens (1 messages)
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I have a problem which I hope doesn't get worse, but I need to be prepared. This Sunday we got a little rain, and a little coyote got into the run and chased four chickens to death. The flock is about a year and a half old, and this has been the first depredation they've suffered. One of the Black Australorps appeared traumatized, eyes shut and lethargic, and I assumed this was from the attack. I brought her up and housed her in a separate coop, hoping she might get better, but she wouldn't eat or drink, and she was bleeding from one ear. Finally yesterday she died. Today, I went down and found another Black Austrolorp showing the same symptoms, eyes half shut, lethargic, and perhaps one ear with dried blood. We brought her up, made up a batch of antibiotic, and with a dropper fed it to her. She appears at this point to have livened up with the fluid. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do you think its all a reaction to the coyote attack, or perhaps a disease?
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