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Topic: Water and Feed for Chickens (3 messages)

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Water and Feed for Chickens (3 messages)
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My girlfriend and I plan to in the next year or so move to some land her family has and start raising animals. We plan to start with chickens and I have decided to go with New Hampshire Reds (5 male, 45 female, all chicks, to start).
I see that the information on the site here says you want to start with the smaller feeders and waterers, then move up to the larger ones as the birds grow. My question is whether I really need to start with the smaller ones or can I just get the larger ones.
8/11/2014 3:53 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
It's best to use the smaller feeders and waterers with babies. The bases on the larger ones are too big for chicks, so they may not be able to reach the feed and can drown in the water.
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You definitely need to use the smaller feeders because the babies can get hung up in it or not be able to get out of it.
You can use other waterers that will work for the chickens when they get older. Only needing a few of the smaller drinkers at first, the nipple drinkers when made where they can be adjustable will work for babies all the way up to layers, broilers etc.
There are also some good self made feeders out there made out of five gallon buckets, they work well and are allot cheaper. We use the nipple drinkers and cup drinkers with our chickens and they work very well. We have a gravity fed system but I plan to update it with a low pressure system. With that many layers I would advise you do the same with your set up. The nipple drinkers supply fresh clean water for your birds and are easily adjusted as the birds grow. As long as ur nipples are at eye level of your hens they will be Abel to drink all they need of cool fresh water, for the price of one 5 gallon metal water can you can out in a complete nipple drinker system. You might knurled two 6 nipple troughs and you will have peel ty of water supply for your layers.
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