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Topic: Cornish Chicks Dying!! Help! (7 messages)

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Cornish Chicks Dying!! Help! (7 messages)
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I ordered the Meat-N-Egg combo and received all happy and healthy birds. At least that is what I thought. Since receiving my order I have lost 2 of my Cornish Rock chicks. As I am new to this hobby I am not sure as to why they are dying. I will check on the chicks and they all appear very lively, but when I go back to check them I find a dead chick. I have been watching for pasty butt and none have showed signs. They all should have been vaccinated for Cocidiosis and Mareks diease and I have been adding sugar to their water. As of now I will be watching their stool to see if that is out of the ordinary. I know losses are a normal part of life, but I am afraid of losing anymore. Is this a common problem in the Cornish breed? Any advice would be well appreciated!!!
10/9/2014 7:57 PM report abuse
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Since this post I have lost yet another of my Cornish X Chicks. I don't want to blame the hatchery, but I am leery. Is this common with the breed?? Again any suggestions would be much appreciated!!
10/10/2014 11:35 AM report abuse
Claborn Family Farms
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We raise thousands of chicks a year in Central Texas.
Did you use Quick Chick? We once lost a lot of baby chicks because we mixed the Quick Chick too strong. They would seem fine, and then just fall over. It was a hard lesson to learn - but now we carefully measure the Quick Chick.
10/10/2014 12:37 PM report abuse
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No, I did not buy that. I have been putting 3 teaspoons of sugar in my quart size jar for water. The feed I use is also a Purina chick starter in which I have been sprinkling a little grit in with it. The feed is not medicated as all of my chicks should have been vaccinated. The heat lamps are at 90 degrees. All stools appear to be normal. This is only happening to my cornish chicks. All my layer chicks are doing fine.
10/10/2014 1:18 PM report abuse
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Laura few questions, 1. Do you live in the southern part of the US or where it is humid? 2. What are they doing before they dies? 3. Are they ruffling their feathers like they are cold? 4. Are some running around while others are lethargic? If you answered yes to the 3rd and 4th question you probably had an outbreak of CRD. Medicated feed only has a small amount of Amprol, not enough to combat a severe outbreak. Locate AMPROL 128 or Corid (for Cattle Medicine) in powder form. Add 3/4 tsp to 1 gallon water ASAP. You can find the preventative does on the Corid web site for 6% dosage as a preventative, 12% for minor outbreak, 24% for severe outbreak. SUMMIT is another medication, but it did not help my flock, I tried it first and lost 7 the first two days of the outbreak, and others were falling ill too fast so I switched.

Hopefully this reached you in time. I lost 16 birds in less than 5 days. The were all vaccinated, and on medicated chick starter.

If you live in the southern states where its hot and humid, CRD is a constant battle. Good luck.

I always give 6% Amprol for 5 days before I put any new birds into population or before I put them on the ground after they have been in a brooder for any length of time.

Good luck!
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11/22/2014 12:43 PM report abuse
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No I live in the Northern part of the U.S. They appeared healthy before dying. They would act fine then after a few hours would be laying down on the verge of death. The rest of my birds were fine after losing the 3. All my cornish rocks are now thriving at almost 7 weeks old. We are actually going to be processing them soon. Whatever went wrong it only occurred in the 3. I had no problems after that. Thanks for the help anyways.
11/22/2014 2:02 PM report abuse
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My understanding is that if the chicks were vaccinated, feeding medicated feed negates any protection from cocci. Only use medicated feed on chicks that were NOT vaccinated.
2/27/2015 10:21 PM report abuse