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Topic: Do guineas kill each other (3 messages)

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Do guineas kill each other (3 messages)
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I had a flock of 9 guineas. When the flock was around 3 mos old they started to pick on one that was blind in one eye and keeping her away from the flock (about 10-15ft away). Eventually I found the remains of her in our grove. Then a few weeks later, I noticed them picking on one of the 3 males and keeping him away from the flock. After one day of massive bullying, he was gone. No where to be found. I was just wondering if they bully to the point of running a member of the flock off and/or kill them?
1/2/2015 11:56 AM report abuse
Score: 2
I have never had a problem with Guineas hurting each other. The males chase each oth in very long races and grab the others tail if they catch them but this is normal and aids in mate selection
11/6/2015 3:16 PM report abuse
Guinea Lady
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GreenAcres. Guineas,Longhorns cattle,English Pointer bird dogs, Horses, 4 cats and lap dog Little Wolf. Just a nutty broad hobby farming critters and feeding the wild life.
Guineas are wild game birds and its common for the flock to kill or run off a defective bird especially if they are born that way.
7/12/2017 8:56 AM report abuse