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Topic: hot in the south (3 messages)

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hot in the south (3 messages)
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New at this and need a hand. With the summer heat in Mississippi is there a breed of layer that handles the heat better than others?
3/25/2015 11:41 AM report abuse
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According to Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens, these breeds are heat tolerant & either lay well or exceptionally well: Andalusian, Catalana, Fayoumi, Leghorn, and Minorca
3/26/2015 9:09 PM report abuse
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We live in Mississippi th is heat seems to be hard on any breed (we have mostly red stars) just make sure they have shade and cool water through out the day especially when it gets in the 94° degree and hi higher range. If it gets close to 100° we sometimes lose a few especially the longer the heat wave lasts!
3/29/2016 2:48 PM report abuse