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Topic: Mixing older ducks with ducklings (1 messages)

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Mixing older ducks with ducklings (1 messages)
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Help! I have 2 Cayuga ducks that are 2 years old. We just bought 4 new ducklings. 1 more Cayuga and 3 Khaki Campbell's. We've been slowly introducing them to the older ones.

When we make the transition they went through a dominance pecking order so to speak.

At night I put them in a separate smaller, more secure house. The dominate one won't leave the ducklings alone. Pecking at them so everyone is stressed out. I'm afraid that they will truly hurt the ducklings.

I separated them last night. It was just getting too rough. The night house is smaller so it was more intense

Any suggestions?

4/7/2015 5:30 AM report abuse