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Topic: First Time with Cornish X and the chicks are sick (3 messages)

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First Time with Cornish X and the chicks are sick (3 messages)
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I received my order on tuesday and lost 4 out of the box and 2 a few hours later. I have since continued to lose one or 2 per day for no apparent reason. I am using Manna Pro chick starter which they love and seem to be eating just fine. They are also drinking plenty of water. The heat lamp is at 90 and the bedding is very dry. I've done some research on Mareks disease and some others but am having trouble diagnosing it. does anyone have any suggestions?
4/16/2015 2:04 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I am having a problem with my cornish crosses dying...this is the worst company they are not doing anything about it my home hatched chicks are alive and well these MCMURRY chicks are dying!!! Called so call customer survice and that was a joke!!! First time customer who WONT be coming back
10/13/2015 10:21 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I'm having the same big did your birds get..I've lost 10 so far they are from the October 28 the rest will die this weekend so it's not a total upset
12/14/2016 9:07 PM report abuse