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Topic: Sick chicks (3 messages)

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Sick chicks (3 messages)
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I am starting to think they are not doing much about the bird flu. I ordered 33 birds which arrived Monday 4/20/15. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME ORDERING FROM THEM!! One had a neck issue which I assume was from birth. But the baby ended up in my order anyway. That concerned me!! Then my exotic chick died. Then Monday night I saw two more laying there weak and opening their mouths as if they were having a hard time swallowing. They later died!! Tuesday the one with the neck issue died. I am assuming because she could not eat or drink without me putting her face in the water while I was at work. Wednesday I woke up to two more dead. I called McMurray and customer service refunded me around $14.00. Which I feel was not fair , but I accepted it. After all I lost my top hat and I am sure a couple of other rare birds. That order cost $42.60. When I asked if they could replace. She told me she could only ship 15. I feel they should have replaced my rare bird order. 6 birds lost. When I got off the phone and went back out to the barn. There was another one laying there opening and closing her mouth. She died later that night. And Thursday I wake up and 3 more dead and I have 2 in a box hoping they will make it. I was told when I called McMurray just a few minutes ago that they should be OK by now and if I have anymore died to call back tomorrow!!! I am very unsatisfied. I had ordered roosters to go with the hens I have had so I could keep that breed going in my flock. And I ordered other to keep my breeds of chicks the same. Now I don't know what i have left and it is a shame to think Mcmurray would ship out birds knowing they had the bird flu in their facility. But after receiving a chick with a damaged neck it makes me think they didn't check the chicks. I really do not think the one with neck issues got hurt in transit!! And the way these bird are dieing left and right ..All I can say is good luck to you!! I will NOT order again.. I feel they should refund half my money at this point.
4/23/2015 12:21 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
There is currently 1 reported case of AI in Northwest Iowa, which is nowhere near our hatchery. We are certified AI clean by the USDA NPIP. We are tested bi-weekly and every test has come back negative - meaning our flocks are free from AI. Migratory birds are a common carrier of AI. All our breeding stock is housed inside buildings so they do not have any contact with wild birds. McMurray Hatchery strictly follows the USDA NPIP bio-security recommendations at our hatchery and our flock farms.

We guarantee the chicks for live arrival and the first 2 days after delivery. For the safety of the chicks, we will not send 6 birds. We require a minimum of 15 chicks so they have enough body heat to keep warm during transit. Please call the hatchery and let us know the total number of losses so we can refund you for those chicks. We will note on your account that you will be contacting us.

Also, it seems that most of the chicks are passing away overnight. Please check the temperature to be sure it is 90 degrees under the light. We recommend using a 250 watt red heat bulb. If the chicks are huddling, they are not warm enough so you may need to lower the light closer to them.
4/23/2015 2:55 PM report abuse
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I am having a problem with chicks dying... A lot of others having and NOTHING will be done this is the worst company my home hatched chicks are alive and well both days older and younger than yet these MCMURRY chicks are dying and my chicks are fine!!! Called so call customer survice and that was a joke!!! First time customer who WONT be coming back
10/13/2015 10:20 AM report abuse