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Topic: Hatching Turkey Eggs (2 messages)

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Hatching Turkey Eggs (2 messages)
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I'm in need of help solving a mystery. I had three separate batches of Narragansett Turkey eggs in two different incubators, and one my hen was sitting, and not one egg hatched. All the birds were fully developed with no visible signs of any defects, but they never hatched. Both incubators were set at 100 degree with 65% humidity. My breeding pairs are fed high quality 16% protein feed along with nuts, seeds, berries, and left over veggies, and grains. I've been given numerous reasons by other armatures why my eggs didn't hatch but birds fully developed, such as: (1) the protein in my feed is to low; (2) the humidity was to high or to low; (3)the temp was to high or to low; and, (4)it was my hens first year to lay. I need to figure this out so as not to lose any future batches.
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16 % protein is way too low for turkeys! At the very least I would use 24% protein, if not the 28% gamebird/showbird feed. Are you certain the temps and humidity are 100/65? I had issues with my incubators and used a hygrometer. Now I'm getting 90% hatch rates.
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