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Topic: Moving hens to a new coop (2 messages)

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Moving hens to a new coop (2 messages)
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we have had our hens in a coop for a year with a 10x20 run and this past weekend, we put up a new coop with a bigger run to be able to house a new batch of chicks as well as the adults. This coop is more suitable for to groups as it is divided inside and out to keep them seperate . We moved the adults to the new coop and are awaiting the arrival of the chicks. What I have noticed so far is that the adults have spent the majority of the time outside rather than in (this was the opposite in the old coop) and we even have one hen laying outside now. I'm not sure this if this is a problem or not, but I'm a little concerned they are not all going inside to eat. The food is inside, but the water is outside. I should note that by dividing the inside into two rooms, it is a little smaller than the old one. Should I be concerned about the hens laying outside? Also, and I'm sure it is from the sudden stress of gathering the hens and moving them, but egg production is down since moving. It has only been three days since moving them at the time of this post, so I may just be worrying about nothing, but I wanted any expert opinions on this topic. TIA
5/26/2015 6:53 AM report abuse

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Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
I'm no expert but I have a couple ideas as to what is happening with your new setup. The hen laying outside may just not have located the nesting boxes yet. Put some fake eggs or golf balls in the nests and hopefully the problem will solve itself. As to the hens not going inside to eat, you have a new coop. I am assuming you put the coop in a new place. There's probably grass there that they are eating. They would be scratching to find whatever bugs are in the new place. They might be getting a lot of their own food right now.
5/26/2015 11:29 AM report abuse
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