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Topic: Nesting boxes for turkeys (4 messages)

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Nesting boxes for turkeys (4 messages)
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Do turkeys need nesting boxes? If so, what should the dimensions be?
7/16/2015 7:55 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
They require 1 nest per 4 hens. The boxes should be at least 24" x 24".
7/20/2015 11:03 AM report abuse
Score: 1
I am using old tires which are huge, non-standard tires. I filled them with straw and shavings. Today is the first day so I will see if they use them. I placed my first egg in one to encourage the hen to lay there.
8/8/2015 2:17 PM report abuse
Score: 0
We made a 2-story nesting box for our turkeys, each measuring 24" long x 24" wide x 21.5" high. The box stands 18" off the ground, making it easy for the hen to hop into the bottom nest. For the top box, I would recommend installing a perch for the hen to hop onto first.

Just a word of caution for those who free-range your birds. When you see your hens begin to leave the flock and go off by themselves for a couple hours or so, they're likely either choosing a nesting spot, or beginning to lay their clutch. I highly recommend you start confining them to the coop, and be sure to include a nesting box for them. We lost 4 hens last year because we couldn't find where they were clutching, and coyotes got to them during the night. The 1 hen that was safely tucked away in the coop's nesting box hatched out 9 chicks for us, from her clutch of 11 eggs.
2/1/2017 9:51 AM report abuse