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Topic: chicken is having a problem walking (3 messages)

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chicken is having a problem walking (3 messages)
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I purchased 16 baby chicks from Murray McMurray exactly 3 months ago. I had Murray McMurray vaccinate all of them against Mareks disease and Coccidiosis. In the last couple days, one of my Red Star's started to walk funny and collapse on her left leg. I picked her up and checked for injuries, open wounds, swelling...but none of the above has happened. As I gently checked her legs, feet and thighs, she felt fine and she didn't indicate that I was hurting her. She is eating and drinking the same as the other chickens. As soon as she gets to the feeder, she drops to her belly while she eats and drinks. Her poops look normal just like the other chickens. Do you have any suggestions? I love all of them and don't want to put her down.
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this has happened to me in cold weather and with my rabbits its is usually caused by dehydration
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My chickens were all drinking...they have an outside water feeder, and a water feeder in the coop. I have seen many people post this exact problem online when I did Google searches. I have found the cure, but it wasn't online. My cousin is a veterinarian and I asked her what to do. She told me to get medicated Aureomycin crumbles, and mix it with the chickens regular feed. I did this and in less than 2 weeks, she was walking "almost" normally again. In a month, I could never even tell that anything was wrong with her. I gave her the medication for another week, for a total of 5 weeks. I'm so glad that I did. It is definitely a miracle drug. For anyone else who has this problem, you can Google "aureomycin crumbles" to find this. BTW...I mixed it....5 parts normal chicken feed crumbles to 1 part aureomycin crumbles.
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