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Topic: Baby chicks (5 messages)

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Baby chicks (5 messages)
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Score: 1
My order shipped Monday received Tuesday. Lost one shortly after getting home. Lost my little runt the next day. Hope that will be all. The others are eating and drinking well and very active. Just hate to loose any.
10/2/2015 11:11 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I ordered 25 chicks. Within 5 hours of receiving them, 4 died. Have been raising chicks for over 30 years, maybe lost 3 in all that time. Will NEVER order from here again!
3/4/2016 5:24 PM report abuse
Score: 0
I received the eight 4 week olds I ordered. They were shipped on Tuesday and I didn't get them until Thursday. Lost one within the hour after opening box. Tried to revive but no go. Another died tonight that I have been trying to bring back to health. How many more are going ? This is my daughter and I first experience raising chickens and so far not good.
3/4/2016 9:27 PM report abuse
Score: 3
Has anyone ordered the Whiting True Blue chicks and received them? If so, what do they look like as MM has not posted photos/video of what they look like. I have ordered several different breeds for an April delivery and it would be nice to know what the Whiting chicks will look like. Any pics by fellow chicken fans would be appreciated.
3/7/2016 10:33 AM report abuse
Score: 2
I ordered 28 chicks received 30 with the free one. Took two days to receive them but all are doing fine now. One or two were very stressed when they arrived. I put some extra effort into them, made sure the were drinking quick chick and sugar water. So far so good, none lost yet.
3/17/2016 8:48 PM report abuse