This is our hen Lucky. She is an Americana and she is our resident senior citizen. At seven years old she is our eldest, wisest and most friendly hen. She never passes an opportunity to see what we are all about or what we are eating. This particular Easter Egg chicken, as they are called, decided to raid my daughters Easter Egg basket on Easter Sunday. Why not?, jelly beans were involved and green plastic eggs ! I can't say my daughter was pleased with our favorite chicken dipping into her Easter treats. Often Lucky can be found napping standing up and if water is spraying from the hose, she takes the time to bask and drink for up to an hour. She is very special to us and although we have stronger, prettier, younger hens in our flock of 50. Our half blind, balding Lucky stands out because of who she is her life experience and of course that fabulous winning hen personality!
My Girl - A Celebration of Hen Chickens Finalists
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