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Plastic Waterers
McMurray Hatchery Baby Chick Nipple Waterer
Chick Nipple Waterer
McMurray Hatchery Hanging Nipple Waterer
Hanging Nipple Waterer
Our Hanging Nipple Waterer for poultry is made from high-density, marine-grade plastic. This waterer inhibits mildew and mold growth, is extremely durable, and has three nipple drinkers so your birds have fresh, clean water all the time. 
Plastic Jar Waterer
Plastic Jar Waterer and Feeders
Jars are molded from durable transparent polyethylene so the water level is always visible. Feeder Base features 8 openings with ribs to minimize feed spillage. Bases can be used with our plasticjar or a canning jar. These bases are a handy and economical option for feeding and watering up to 12 chicks.
High End Hen Feeder and Waterer

High End Hen Feeder and Waters by Rugged Ranch easily attach to almost any type of wire pen for outside use. Includes brackets to attach to the wall inside the coop as well. Attaches either inside or outside for easier filling. Keep your feed dry and you water clean and accessible.

1 And 2 Gallon Plastic Waterers
These tough Poly Founts are used for young chicks and/or quail.

Quail Waterers
This smaller waterer is perfect for quail, partridge, bantams, and other small birds. It is made of hard plastic, is easy to clean and disinfect, and comes in two c

3-Gallon Plastic Waterers
These plastic founts are durable. The twist-lock handle allows for carrying the entire unit, even when full of water.

Platform Stand
This new plastic platform stand is ideal for most waterers and feeders. Keeps fountains or feeders raised, so that litter does not get into the troughs. Size: 2.75" high with 20.5" diameter.
Plastic Dura Fount
5 Gallon Dura Fount
This large capacity, durable polyethylene waterer features a wide-mouth opening allowing for easy filling and cleaning. The fount is transparent, and water marks on the size in one gallon increments, so that you can easily check the water level by looking at the fount without needing to open it.
McMurray Hatchery All Natural Water Protector
Water Protector
All Natural Water Protector helps keep water clean, clear, and healthy. Effective with plastic and galvanized steel waterers. Prevents build-up of film, residue and natural contaminants.
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