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Poultry Cup Waterer
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Poultry Cup Waterer

This waterer is made from commerical poultry cups. Cups can be removed for easy to cleaning. It can be attached to the wall of your coop or cage with the included brackets. Also included are 1/4" fittings and 4' of tubing to allow you to connect it to your plastic bucket. The 2 cup post is about 14" long. This waterer is designed for about 25 adult birds Not for chicks.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This watering system should never be connected directly to a pressure water supply, or it will leak.  It should only be used with a low pressure water supply (5 PSI or less).  If you use it with a standard residential water supply you MUST USE A LOW PRESSURE REGULATOR between your water supply and this waterer. Alternatively, you may connect the waterer directly to a low pressure gravity feed system or a bucket. Maximum allowed water supply pressure is 5 PSI.

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Poultry Cup Waterer