McMurray Hatchery Black Minorca Pullet
The Black Minorca has always been one of our favorite varieties and was one of the first breeds raised by our founder, Murray McMurray. In 1917, the first time Murray exhibited at the Iowa State Fair, he won a blue ribbon on his prize Black Minorca rooster and the rest is history. 

Minorcas are the largest, and heaviest, of the Mediterranean breeds, and we believe the Black Minorcas are perhaps the finest examples of their class. They have long and muscular bodies, large combs, long wattles, slate-colored legs, white earlobes and compact feathering. Due to their tight feathering and large combs, they are more prone to frostbite and are better suited for warmer climates. Minorcas are a good choice for a free range setting.

Black Minorcas have a good disposition and are said to have feisty personalities. Hens are excellent white egg layers and non-setters. Day-old baby chicks are mostly black with patches of white on their face, wings and chest.