Black Star

Black Star hens are a prolific layer of brown eggs. They are a cross between a Rhode Island Red Rooster and a Barred Rock hen. This crossing produces a chick that can be sexed by the color of the chicks. As a hybrid, they are extra good layers due to the Heterosis or  hybrid vigor effect. Depending on feed and quality of care, they can produce over 300 eggs a year.


When shipped, these chicks will be between 28 and 63 days old. At 28 days old, most chicks do not require supplemental heat, and so can be started out in your coop. They are vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis. They have been watered with Quik Chik and given Gro Gel. They are raised on an all natural GMO-free feed. Because they do not require supplemental heat, we are able to ship as few as 1 of these 4-9 week old chicks. You can mix and match any type of 4 week old chicks in your order.


At 4-6 weeks the Black Stars go through a mini-molt. At that age they may exhibit down loss with out feather growth. Normally by 8 weeks the feathers have caught up with their growth.  One of the pictures below shows the down loss.