McMurray Hatchery Black Star Sex-Link Started Pullets
Get a jump start on your eggs with our Black Star pullets. These hens are shipped at 15-22 weeks of age. They will start laying nice wonderful brown eggs at around 24-26 weeks of age — some even earlier. 

Black Stars are one of our best brown egg layers. Each month we start a new batch of Black Star started pullets. These hens will lay a consistent, large brown egg and are an easy-to-raise bird. 

All McMurray Hatchery started pullets are farm-raised with free access to pasture for foraging. As chicks, they are vaccinated for Marek's and Coccidiosis and are started a the brooder for 3-4 weeks, depending on the outside temperature. They are fed an all-natural, GMO-free feed. Around the time that they start jumping on the side boards of the brooders, we move them out to the pasture where they have free access to fresh grass, weeds, seeds and bugs. 

 There are no minimum quantities when ordering McMurray Hatchery started pullets — making them a great option for those looking for just a few backyard chickens, or those in urban areas where flock sizes are limited by local ordinances.