The Trumpeter Swan is the largest breed of waterfowl in North America, weighing 21-30 pounds, with some males exceeding 35 lbs.  Their diet consists mainly of vegetation from lakes and other bodies of water.  They will eat a poultry layer feed and other grains in the Winter.  

The life span of the Trumpeter Swan is 20 years plus.  They normally mate for life but have been know to take on a new mate if one dies.

The Trumpeter Swan normally breed at 4 years of age with the season beginning in April and May.  They will usually molt in July and August.  

They are presently available in male/female pairs and are one year old, and pinioned.

Swans will be shipped via Delta or Continental Cargo.  You will need to pick up your Swans at the airports serviced by these two carriers.