McMurray Hatchery Meat and Egg Combo Chick Assortment

Nothing tastes better than something you have grown yourself. In this assortment for every 25 chicks ordered, you will receive 15 beautiful meat birds and 10 assorted females which will lay brown or white eggs. We will ship our broadbreasted Cornish X Rocks or Cornish Roasters for your meat birds (these could be all males - all females - or some of both) and the ten hens for laying will be from our Murrays Choice and Brown Egg Layer chicks. The meat birds will make nice fryers in 7 to 10 weeks and the hens will start giving you eggs in 18-20 weeks. For those of you who want a few eggs each day and some great tasting home grown chicken - order 25 or 50. For the more serious chicken fancier who either wants to make a little money on the side or endear themselves to the relatives or neighbors, try 75 or 100.

These are not recommended for raising at an altitude of over 5,000 feet.