The conformation of the small Ruddy duck is very distinct, with a short, thick neck; chunky body; stubby wings and a fan-shaped tail made of stiff feathers.


The male Ruddy duck is a rust/brown color, with the head being black with sides of the face white, and a bright blue bill. The legs and feet are grayish. Although relatively silent, the male will give a "chuck-uck-uck-uck-ur-r-r" when displaying. The female Ruddy ducks are with a horizontal stripe over the cheek. The bill is dark gray, with the legs and feet being grayish. Females are quiet also.


Ruddy ducks dive to feed on pond weeds, algae, as well as seeds and grasses. They also eat insects in the water.  


They are available as yearling male/female pairs, and have been pinioned.